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Big Government...Poor Grandchildren





This is absolutely the one book you must read before the next election.  We have always had some real problems and the current trend is to ask what government is going to do to solve them.   In Big Government…Poor Grandchildren, author Durham W. Ellis explains how this approach is making Americans angry and poor.  

Your wealth and liberty - and the wealth and liberty of your descendents - depend on the wise system of limited government established by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. That system, however, has been under continuous siege for decades by Democratic and Republican "Controllers"-- proponents of Big Government who sell "security" to the public in return for those things we should hold most dear: wealth and liberty themselves. It's not working, author Durham Ellis argues, and it's time for Americans to take back their country by electing leaders who uphold the principles of our Constitution. In Big Government...Poor Grandchildren, Ellis develops a powerful critique of contemporary American politics, examining such crucial issues as:

  • What is wealth and how can we reduce poverty?
  • Social Security, taxes, wage and price controls, and welfare

  • Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and the U.S.A. Patriot Act

  • Homosexuality, abortion, gun control, and the "war" on drugs

  • The judiciary, the separation of powers, and the growing influence of the United Nations

  • Media bias, public schools, and individual responsibility

What emerges from Ellis's provocative yet often humorous discussions is a refreshingly consistent application of libertarian principles that slices through current ideological boundaries. Readers on both the Right and the Left will not fail to be vexed, stimulated, and entertained, sometimes all three simultaneously. Throughout, Ellis advocates that persuasion rather than control is the key to a healthy and prosperous future. The reader will be challenged to think clearly about issues of vital importance and to build a stronger America.

About the Author

A 1964 graduate of the University of Alabama School of Law, Durham Ellis is a real estate broker living with his wife in Birmingham, Alabama, where they are closely involved with their children and grandchildren. As a student, Ellis was greatly disillusioned by the absurdly conflicting decisions and the doublespeak "reasoning" he found in the constitutional law cases he studied. By contrast, he was influenced greatly by the clear, logical analyses of such libertarians as Ayn Rand, Thomas Sowell, and Neal Boortz. This book is the result of over forty years of political analysis and discussion.