"Democracy Schmocracy"
"Democracy Schmocracy"

So long as our government is not a monarchy or dictatorship, who cares whether it is a pure democracy, a representative democracy, or a constitutional republic?
I suggest that you notice the constant decline of the American economy, the level of your own personal debt, and the number of solicitations you receive each week for credit cards, debt consolidation loans, and debt counseling.  I also suggest that you notice the amount of anger you feel because of the usurpations of power by the “other” political party. Then, I further suggest that you should care what form our government takes, because it affects you everyday!
Many of us have noticed the financial problems that are caused by short-term thinking and rampant materialism, but most of us are ignoring the blue elephant in the living room—the financial problems and divisiveness caused by our short-term thinking about rampant government.

Shortly before 1800, our founders rejected monarchy and democracy and mandated a republic in Article 4, Section 4, stating, “The United States shall guarantee to every state in this Union a republican form of government….”

After about 100 years of progress as a republic, our government started being changed around 1900 into a “wonderful democracy” under the leadership of the mislabeled “Progressives”.  One of their tools was and still is to refer constantly and falsely to our government as a democracy.  President Woodrow Wilson asked for a declaration of war against Germany during World War I so the world can “be made safe for democracy.”  As recently as the aftermath of the recent shootings in Arizona, President Barrack Obama referred to our democracy in his victims’ memorial speech.  The barrage of comments about our democracy is constant and unrelenting, and words have consequences.  Our republic is being eroded into oblivion.

After about 100 years of degeneration toward a democracy, the Tea Party movement started trying to revive our republic around 2000.  One of its leaders, Sarah Palin, referred to our republic in her Arizona victims’ memorial speech, and new leadership in the House of Representatives caused the 2011 session of the House to start by reading the Constitution out loud.
The problem with pure and representative democracies is that there are no limiting provisions that would be found in an effective constitution.  Therefore, 51% of the voters can do anything they damn well please, and the cost of everything that happens gets charged to your credit card whether it makes you angry or not. They can say, “We won, so march in lockstep with us.”
To the contrary, we need to let the marketplace handle as many issues as possible because it offers a multitude of choices and can keep a huge percentage of the population satisfied.  When we allow Big Government to settle issues in the political arena, it provides only one answer, and the solution is generally a compromise that nearly 50% of the population find totally unpalatable. Even the majority is never really pleased because one size simply does not fit all. The cumulative effect of a huge number of undesirable compromises has created anger and divisiveness in America.  And it causes poverty.
Some examples:
1.  Do you want to allow all the individual and corporate hogs in the barnyard to feed at the government trough and charge their cuisine to your credit card?  In an unlimited democracy, all it takes is 51% and all it takes to get that is to trade a few favors (at your expense) to some other special interest groups.  When are you going to realize that all of these favors are making you poor and angry in our country that is rapidly degenerating from a republic into a democracy?  For details on just who is using your misguided belief in unlimited democracy to steal your children’s heritage, visit the Pig Book site.
If you do not pay many taxes and think this is not your problem, go try to buy a loaf of bread at the same price you paid five years ago.  The difference in price you will find is just one example of how you are paying the costs of a runaway democracy through inflation while you fail to protect our republic that was gradually making us all wealthy.
2.  Do you want to make any religious group the official national religion if it can accumulate 51% of the voters? With democracy, done!  Do you want to change the official national religion every time a different group raises the 51%?  With democracy, done!  To the contrary, there is room for many beliefs and non-beliefs under the protections formerly guaranteed by our republic.
3.  Do you want to limit free speech with the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002?  The title and intentions sound good, so why not?  Do you have the required 51%?  With democracy, done!  If there is a constitution in a democracy, it is just a “living document” written in disappearing ink on Silly Putty. It can be interpreted and re-interpreted anyway we want to at the moment.  There is no need in a democracy to go to all of the trouble to amend an old document before doing whatever 51% want to do.  To the contrary, if we would just protect that old document, it would lead us to freedom.  

4.  Do you want to force everyone to contribute to certain mismanaged but approved government charities before allowing anyone to use any remaining disposable funds to contribute to causes of his or her choice?  To hell with the constitutional issues—there is no need to amend the Constitution before allowing this bureaucratic “Robin Hood” approach to charity.  In an unlimited democracy, private property rights are just privileges that are subject to a majority vote.  Some of the motives are honorable, and it is the will of  “We, the people”—at least 51% anyway.  In a democracy, done!
5.  Two school systems that are separate and unequal? That was done not too long ago in my state and many others by a majority vote until the constitutional restraints of our fading republic put an end to the practice.
6.  After raising money to support education, do you want to divert much of it to run wasteful bureaucracies and deny parents of school-aged children the option to use their share of that money to help pay the cost of sending their children to a school of their choice?  In an unlimited democracy, your rights to make choices affecting you and yours are just privileges that are subject to a majority vote.  51%...done!  To the contrary, there is room for many different types of schools in the marketplace.

7.  Do you want all school children in Texas to be required to use the same textbooks? 51%...done!  The mislabeled “Liberals” have been substantially successful in causing the Texas republic to degenerate toward a de-mob-ocracy, but this time another group formed the best-organized mob and the Marxists have to march in lockstep with textbooks making statements they abhor. 
8.  Do you want to rescind the right for individuals to defend themselves with guns?  51%...done!
9.  Do you want to force every worker to participate in a Ponzi scheme known as Social Security?  Then, do you want to force all participants to increase their “investments” and reduce their “returns” after the crooks running our national scam take all of the money and spend it buying votes and paying off supporters?  Social Security is one of many examples of a title that sounds better than the contents of the bill, but why not?  51%...done!  Any judges who should point out the unconstitutionality of this fraudulent “contract between generations” are just out of control pinheads trying to thwart the will of the people in our “wonderful democracy.” Congratulations, you and I are two of the suckers paying into this Ponzi scheme, and all of our “investments” are completely dependent on the continuation of the scheme.

10.  Do you favor today’s form of slavery—forcing A to pay B’s bills?  51%...done!
11.  Do you want to execute all left-handed people without first amending the Constitution to allow that action?  With 51% of the votes in an unlimited democracy, done!  Is this example unrealistic in the USA since we still pay a little attention to our Constitution?  I certainly hope so.
Fellow Americans, when are we going to learn about the problems inherent in democracies and force our government back to being the constitutional republic that was guiding us toward freedom and wealth?  When are we going to educate ourselves about our incredible heritage? When are we going to stop accepting the indoctrination of our socialist (government owned) schools and the media dominated by a leftwing bias?
Our grandchildren desperately need us to take action to protect their inheritance.  

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