Fundraising Opportunities

Fundraising Opportunities

Everyone who enjoys politics or dislikes some of the Democratic and Republican policies will jump at the chance to help your group by buying copies of “Big Government…Poor Grandchildren” for themselves and to give to their friends and business associates. Depending on the purposes for the purchases or gifts, the cost may qualify wholly or partially with the IRS as charitable deductions or business expenses to both individual and corporate purchasers/donors, but each buyer will have to check with his advisors on this issue.


Commissions (taxable income to recipients) of  $7.00 per book will be sent to the specified organization or its employee.  No commission will be due or payable until the total commissions to any individual or group amount to a minimum of  $140 (20 books).  Then, totals over $500 will be paid monthly, and totals under $500 will be paid quarterly. We will treat recipients of commissions as independent contractors, and no taxes will be withheld.


Simply email us requesting electronic files of the forms or download and print the forms as needed from the links on this page and get started. Send in the completed forms with payment and we will have the books delivered directly to the recipients along with an attractive gift card naming the donors.

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